Bringing In The Light Delving Into The Shadows

I am really excited about this journey! For the first time I feel like I can visualize and thus realize what it means to love myself. I’m just going to jump right in because my background is in the About page. If you feel lost, please skim that for any information you might be lacking.

This will be brief, but I am going to post another  longer post later today, but my six-year-old is waiting very patiently to play with me and I have been keeping her waiting for some time. So, here goes.

When I found Teal’s video on healing the emotional body, I was like, “Yes! That’s what I’ve been missing. That’s why I could never feel like I was loving myself because I was disapproving of parts of myself. I need to embrace all parts of myself!” This process, shadow work, is a godsend. Thank you Teal!

So, in the subsequent posts, I will be chronicling my 365-day journey in which I ask the question “What would someone who loved themselves do?” (kind of like “What would Jesus do?” huh?) This suggestion came from one of Teal’s videos. I will link all of my references to Teal and her suggestions/teachings as soon as I get a chance. In the meantime, just search for her on YouTube if you can’t wait for the links.

I have to go, but I’ll be back later with a more coherent and substantial post. Take care.





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