Day 15 10:30PM

Reclaiming My Bliss with Oh Wonder

Recently, I discovered a duet called Oh Wonder. They are a British singer-song writer duet and their songs are so soulful. I discovered them while watching “People Are Awesome” videos on YouTube. One of the videos was set to their song “White Blood.” I searched for them immediately after watching the video and fell in love. Every one of their songs is uplifting or moving in some way even the really somber ones. Every one of them compels me to dance as if I am a marionette.

I find myself swaying or dancing to their songs while I’m washing dishes, or feeding the baby, or cleaning the house. Every time I feel complete bliss.

This evening was magical. I was in the living room dancing to their album when my daughter joined me. It was during “Landslide” and we just started moving in step. We were completely in sync without saying a word. When the song faded to “White Blood,” we started choreographing our dance telling each other what we wanted the other to do. Sometimes I led and other times she led. It was a moment of pure joy with my darling little girl.

When I dance, I am completely in the moment. I immerse myself in the music, my body moving of its own accord, and I become the music, moving in ways that I could never do if I was conscious of what I was doing.

Reclaiming my bliss is taking the good with the bad, accepting myself whether I am happy, giddy, annoyed, stern, sweet, short tempered, or patient. Dancing in my living room with my little girl swaying along with me without skipping a beat was pure bliss. Thank you Oh Wonder and all the artists out there who put their hearts and souls into their music. Your songs elucidate the dark spaces in my life, and remind me of who I am and that I can be completely joyful. You make it easy for me to be in the moment.

And to you, dear reader, may you find moments of pure bliss where ever that may be and how ever you might get there.




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