Day 30 9PM

What My Attitude Towards Snobs Has Taught Me

Recently, I’ve come across a lot of vegans and vegetarians who seem like snobs to me. They seem to be vegans and vegetarians because they believe they are better than those who choose to include meat in their diets. They behave as if they are more enlightened and exist on a higher plain than us lowly omnivores. When I hear their reasons, which they usually share while looking down their noses at you, I start to wonder if perhaps my choice to include meat in my diet is wrong. I start to feel guilty and then I start to get angry because I feel judged. Then in my anger and shame, I judge them seeing them as hypocrites and self righteous jerks.

When I examine what it is that sparks such a strong reaction to snobs, and it is not limited to the vegans and vegetarians I’ve met, I realize that it springs from a deep sense of inferiority. I believe on a conscious level that I am equal to my fellow humans, but on an unconscious level this obviously is not the case.

The thing is, if I loved myself completely, how these people felt about their lifestyles would not affect me. I wouldn’t even be phased by it. I probably wouldn’t even notice them. However, until I learn to love and accept the part of me that feels inferior to my fellow humans, I will probably only see snobs.

It has to do with a lesson I need to learn. There is a part of me that is crying out to be noticed. Until I believe that I am equal to my fellow humans, self righteous, haughty, snobby people will continue to rub me the wrong way. Looks like more shadow work on the horizon.

So, what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear your opinion in a comment below. Until next time, I’m wishing you all the best.

One thought on “Day 30 9PM

  1. Yes, I think that it is really important to love yourself, because yourself is the person you spend your whole life with. I think we spend a lot of our time comparing ourselves to each other when we should be focusing on what we think and feel, and how we want to live our own lives for our own reasons.
    It is so confusing to get caught up in what you think other people think. And what other people think doesn’t even matter.

    As long as you are happy and true to yourself, it doesn’t matter what other people think.


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