Day 32 7:50PM

Recently I’ve been reading a lot about how we learn a second language, and I have been watching a lot of videos on the human brain. It’s fascinating. One of the most interesting videos I watched was called “The linguistic genius of babies.” It was a TED talk.

When Patricia Kuhl talks about how babies are learning at an amazing rate, it reminded me that we humans are meant to learn; we come into the world equip with everything we need to learn. Even though our ability to learn a second language drops dramatically after seven years old, we are still capable of learning so many other things.

I love learning. I see myself as a lifelong learner. Now that I am learning more about the brain and the cognitive processes of second language acquisition, I feel energized. I get such a rush when I learn something new, and I feel optimistic about my future when I learn new things and I increase my knowledge base.

Part of learning to love myself is learning what makes me truly happy and makes my life fulfilling. Whether it is academic in nature or something more personal, I will learn something new every day.




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