Day 36

Being Good To Myself: Not Just A Notion Anymore

Today I did several things to be good to myself. I got up early, got some reading done, and went to the gym and worked out. Although the day could have gone more according to plan, I think I did the best that I could. I’ve decided to focus on what I did accomplish rather than what I could have accomplished. That’s also in line with being good to myself.

That’s essentially what I am aiming for these days. No more beating myself up for not being good enough. Those days are over. I have committed to self love and even when I fall short of my goals, I will think encouraging thoughts. Nothing good ever comes out of berating myself for not doing everything right; it just makes me feel awful and lose my resolve to keep trying.

It’s all just an illusion anyway. My thoughts about my progress or whether or not I’ve succeeded or failed; they’re all the stuff of fantasy. So why not make up a fiction worth living for? Why not see myself in a positive light while striving to make life better? In the end, it only ever really matters to me. No one else can experience what I experience. People can empathize, but they can never really know what it’s like to see me through my eyes. So why not see a wonderful person, rather than a broken and flawed human being? Why not look at my life and see potential, rather than a culmination of bad decisions? Seeing myself in a positive light will only serve to uplift me and clear my mind of all those barriers that keep me from being me. Someone who loved themselves would see that no matter what I do I am always me. I am neither good nor bad; I just am, and that’s a wonderful thing.

So, I’m looking forward to tomorrow while taking my lessons from today. I’m planning to get up early again and try to meditate without falling asleep. I’m going to do more reading, and then remain open to whatever the day will bring. Until next time, I wish you all the very best.

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