Day 55

A Decision

Eventually sooner or later I knew  I would have to make a decision. I could either keep waiting for the right time, the best situation, and the financial security it would require to start living my dream, or I could just start living my dream now. I chose the latter. Knowing that adopting the attitude that my dream could only be realized if I had the right amount of money and it was the right time would postpone my dream indefinitely, the choice was simple.

However simple it may have been to make the choice, living it is another thing entirely. I cannot help thinking about all the things that could go wrong. I’m terrified. My biggest fear is that I won’t be heard and I won’t be recognized, and therefore it will prove that I made a poor decision that will have cost myself and my family a great deal. However, if things go brilliantly or even well, I will have gained so much for my family and myself. Both outcomes are fantasies as we really only have the here and now. I really don’t know what will become of this decision, but I do know that I feel good about it. I feel like I am finally following my life’s path. Knowing this, even if the results are not all that I dreamed of and more at least I will have lived for my dream, and that’s enough.

Until next time, I wish you all the very best.

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