Day 67

Operation Save Zumba

After Zumba class this evening, my friend told me that the gym will no longer offer Zumba class in July. I was disappointed to hear that the class I had just found will soon be canceled. It was a bit of a shock because the class is so popular, so cancelling it seems counter intuitive. My friend whom I met through this class, said that she had canceled her membership and would stop coming to the gym in July. She and I had only just begun corresponding outside of the class, so hearing that I may not be able to see her as often added to my disappointment. My friend spoke as if there was nothing to be done, but not willing to give up on the chance to dance Zumba and to see my friend on a weekly basis, I decided to find a way to keep both in my life.

My friend, who is an expat like I am, has been in the Zumba class longer than I have and she has made friends with a handful of our classmates. I suggested looking for another studio where our teacher could resume the Zumba class after this month. She is going to talk with her friends to see what can be done about retaining the teacher and getting interested students, and I am going to see if I can find a studio where we can have Zumba class.

I believe that when people work together to achieve a common goal great things can happen. I am hoping that my friend can work with her friends to make connections with other classmates as well as the teacher to find a way to save our Zumba class. I don’t know what will come of our efforts or if enough of us will be on board with resuming our Zumba class to make it happen, but I’d like to at least try. My mission is to find a studio. We’ll see what will happen.

Until next time, I wish you the very best.

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