Day 74

The Woman With The Red Shoes

There is a woman in my Zumba class who moves with ease and grace of a professional dancer. She seems to know all of the teacher’s moves, and I often follow her when I lose sight of the teacher or have a hard time following him. I always appreciate her presence because she has become a kind of reference point when I get lost in the teacher’s fast and at times elaborate choreography.

Today in class, I felt the need to approach her. My wise inner voice told me that I should strike up a conversation with her. I believed she would be a great person to help keep our Zumba class going. Some of you may not be aware of the fact that my Zumba class has been canceled and my gym will no longer be offering the class starting in July. My friend and I have been talking about the loss and are trying to find a way to save the class, but most of the other class members are not confident that we can keep the class going. This is mostly because they do not believe our teacher will be able to continue teaching us. This is of course possible, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go on without our teacher. The lady with the red shoes knows the dance steps to each song the teacher plays; she could be our teacher, or if not a teacher; she could be a point of reference. So, I thought to myself, tonight, I’ll talk to her after class.

The end of class came, and we all piled out of the studio bowing and thanking our teacher as we exited. I saw an opportunity to talk with her, but a group of people merged in front of me, and I lost my chance to approach her. She didn’t go into the locker room like most of us but instead went down the stairs. I assumed I had lost my chance and resolved to talk to her next week. I went into the locker room and got my stuff and made my way down the stairs, all the while thinking to myself how nice it would be have talked to her.

When I got to the locker where my street shoes were, I went into my purse to get the key, but it was not there. That was odd because I always put the locker key in the same place. Determined to find it, I rifled through other parts of my purse, moving from time to time to make way for people going for their shoes. I was getting frustrated and a little panicked when who should show up in front of the locker just above mine but the lady with the red shoes.

What are the odds? Before tonight, we had never crossed paths after class before. Seizing the opportunity, I told her how impressed I was with her dancing, and we talked for a few minutes. She mentioned how sad it was that our class was going to end soon, and I told her that we were trying to continue the class in another location, and she seemed genuinely interested. After she left, I looked in that same pocket in my purse that I had empty before to find the locker key exactly where I had left it.

As I made my way to the station, I felt a sense of gratitude for the opportunity that I was given to talk with Itsuko, the woman with the red shoes. Now something has begun. I have no idea what will come of our little exchange, but it was nice to be able to talk to her. Whatever made that possible, be it god, fate, the universe, or simple chance, I am grateful for it.

Until next time, I wish you all the very best.

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