Day 173

Everything is Possible for Me

I’ve been reading “Living Enlightenment” by Nithyananda Sangha, and in the chapter on fear the above phrase appears. This is from memory, so I cannot be certain, but the argument was that if you are certain of success or failure there is not fear, but if you are uncertain, there is fear. He goes on to explain the concepts of “bhakti yogi” and “gnana yogi.” If you aligned with the idea that “Nothing is possible by me,” then you are “bhakti yogi.” On the other hand, if you are aligned with the idea that “Everything is possible by me,” you are “gnana yogi.” The former is in a state of complete surrender, and the latter is an experiencer and an explorer. He explains that if you take either position, you can be free of fear. I like the idea of being free of fear, or at least not being affected by fear. Can you guess what stance I’ve taken? If you follow this blog, you might have guessed “gnana yogi,” and you would have guessed correctly.

All day today I’ve been repeating the phrase, “Everything is possible for me,” in my head, and it has given me a sense of calm. I’ve examined this situation with my husband where he wants to stay another year and I want to leave in the spring, and I feel that I would be happy either way. I’d like to go back and try a new career and living life in a different place, exploring and experiencing new and not so new things. However, I could do a lot of new things here. There are places I have yet to visit, and things I have yet to do. I haven’t however given up the fight. That too is a new experience. I usually buckle under pressure and take the path of least resistance. Why not try fighting for what I want for a change?

The difference is that either possibility is okay. I can see positive things in either. So, I am going to explore living my life with the motto: “Everything is possible for me.” Let’s see how it goes.

May everyday reveal something new and awe inspiring for you.





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