Day 175

Short but Sweet

Busy week! Taught a special summer course for our Intensive English program–one 14 week semester condensed into one week! It was a blast, but exhausting. I don’t know how 9-5ers do it. Anyway, the most important lesson I learned this week was that it all comes out in the wash. What I mean is that there were some upsets this week as well as missteps on my part, but when all was said and done, it was a great week. Something I read in “Living Enlightenment” resonates with me today, and that is with pain, especially emotional pain, we hold onto the things that hurt us or we felt were negative. I am guilty of that, and this week, I tried to hold on to the positive. I am holding onto my students smiles and laughter, and the looks of pride on their faces when they finished their final project for the week. I’m holding on to the banter and warm conversations with my fellow teachers. I’m holding on to the feeling of belonging I have come away with tonight. Life’s too short to hold on to the negative bits. I’d rather take the good thank you!

May you have a lot of brilliant bits to hold on to this week and for all the weeks to come!

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