Day 322

Today’s lesson

Nothing really remarkable to report about today. It was my first day teaching a two-day English Camp for junior high school girls. Lately, I’ve been feeling rather inadequate as a teacher. I often compare myself to my ambitious colleagues and find myself lacking. I’m not doing enough research, or publishing enough articles, or attending enough conferences. I don’t have a teaching niche in which I can claim to be an expert. So I have a low opinion of my quality of teaching.

However, today stepping out of my routine and seeing myself in different teaching context, I felt differently. I was reminded that if I really look at myself and my abilities without comparing myself to others, I feel good about my teaching. I feel competent and comfortable in my element. So, today’s lesson is to stop comparing myself to others and recognize and appreciate where I am now. I will do my best to carry that throughout my journey and make it into a core belief.

More to come.


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