Days 323 and 324

Moments of Clarity

I’ve had two wonderful days that have served as reminders of my own brilliance. By brilliance I mean that part of me, which I believe all beings on Earth possess, that is connected to Source energy and that manifests as the steady, calm, confident voice of my true Self. She spoke often over the past couple days, and I listened, and I feel as if I am getting closer to believing her.

Yesterday was day two of the two-day English camp at which I taught. On that day, the students interviewed us teachers. The students were separated into groups of seven or eight, and each teacher was assigned to a different group. The students took turns asking the teachers questions about themselves and their countries. One of the students in my group asked me, “Do you have a dream?”, and it was as if a switch turned on in my head. With absolutely conviction I said, “I want to write lots of books that help people achieve their dreams, and I want to travel around the world teaching people how to make their lives better.” It felt as if it was completely out of the blue, I hadn’t fully articulated my dream before that moment, but when I spoke I knew it was exactly what I was meant to do. All of my soul searching had led me to that point of crystal clarity which allowed me to answer the question, “Do you have a dream?”

I was filled with gratitude for the opportunity that moment gave me to articulate exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I was filled with a sense of purpose and unwavering confidence that I was on the right track. I felt excited and determined, and uplifted. I felt like I was in total alignment with my life’s purpose, and it felt fantastic.

I know it was my true Self speaking when I answered the student’s question, and I wanted to have that feeling of clarity and self-assurance a little longer. However, I haven’t gotten there yet. Luckily,I experienced it again during a coaching session I had this evening. She spoke again with clarity and conviction reminding me of who I am and of my purpose. Again, I reiterated my desire to write and to tour the world spreading my message of unconditional love, compassion, and validation. When I declared my life’s purpose again, I felt empowered and certain that I could make my dream a reality, or rather it was the knowledge that my dream was not a dream but a glimpse of who I am, and the promise of coming to terms with that, accepting that, and owning that.

So, who am I? I’m L’Shawn-a work in progress with the promise of brilliance.

May you find that brilliance and hold on to it.

More to come.


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