Final Post


A year later give or take; I think my math is off..

I am now on the other side of the 365-Days-of-Self-Love challenge.

When I started this blog, I had just begun to commit to live my life in a way that showed that I love, respect, and accept myself as I am. Now, I feel closer to a state of self-love and acceptance. I accept myself more often than I disapprove of aspects of myself. I am learning to just be. I am learning to look at my failures not as a source of shame, but as an indication of change and progress. I am learning to embrace imperfection, and not to take myself and life so seriously. I am learning to release judgment and accept things as they are, and not as I would like them to be.

I am happy more often than I am sad. I am more at peace than I am in turmoil. I am hopeful of my future more often than I am fearful of it.

This was a wonderful experience. I will continue to bring everything I have learned with me, and I will continue to grow and change.

Although I am finished with this blog, I will still be out there.

Very soon, you can find my words on Amazon and other places where you can find e-books. I’ll also be hosting websites, and posting on social media.

This process has taught me that what I have to contribute is of equal value to everything else that is out there and that has yet to be shared.

I will continue to walk my path, taking every twist and turn, rise and fall with grace and humility.

I hope to meet you again in another forum, on another website, in another time and place.

Until then, I wish you all the very best.

Day 358

Still Moving Forward

Ten days have come and gone. The good news is I’m moving forward. I’m plugging away on my coaching training and I am starting to reach out to others and build a network. I am getting used to the idea of being an entrepreneur. Although the idea of starting a coaching practice is exciting, it is also quite frightening. Nevertheless, I am doing my best to keep moving toward the target while appreciating the journey and the process. This of course is not always easy, but I’m learning a lot on the way.

I had my first hands-on experience as a coach today. It was a ten minute session done in a classroom-like setting with a mentor to offer feedback, and I learned so much about myself and about coaching. First, although I was certain I would not fall in the trap of imposing my views on the client, I did just that. This taught me that this coaching thing is not as easy as I thought it would be. Although I feel well suited to coaching, the instant that I lost the emotional connection with the client in  my rush to judgment and desire to “help” the client, I realized that coaching is an art and one that must be mastered with much care and a lot of practice.

I also learned that I still need to practice looking at things through a positive lens. Although I did my best to see the benefits of the experience, I latched on to the disappointments and rough parts of the experience. These unintended and unwelcome results became significant, and they weighed heavily on my heart and mind. I felt that I had offended the “client”, so on our learner forum, I contacted her to apologize. Her response was my most cherished lesson of the entire experience.

First, she came at the situation with a positive outlook. She told me she came away from the experience with new insights. I was then reminded that focusing on the positive aspects of a situation is more uplifting and helpful than focusing on the negatives, and the regrets. She was kind and we had a great exchange, and I was happy that I contacted her. After the exchange, I learned that it is important for me to focus on the learning process, to be forgiving of myself, and that reaching out to my fellow trainees although scary can result in a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Now I am hungry for more opportunities to practice my craft. I wonder what learning opportunities will arise then.

Until next time.


Day 345


Today I offered my services as a coach to a friend. We just happened to run into each other when I was about to leave the office and she had come to return something to our little library. I was happy to see her because I wanted to talk with her about our plans to do piano lessons. She’s an accomplished pianist and we had been talking about the idea of doing lessons since last September. We had just finished talking about arranging some sort of an exchange for the piano lessons when she got really quiet and the expression on her face changed. She seemed to be sad. Then she told me that she told me she had made a decision that would change her life. Listening to her, I had the sense that she was unclear on what her next step would be, so I offered my services as a coach. She responded favorably to the idea and we agreed to talk about it more the next time we met.

It was an interesting experience. I felt good about it because I trusted my instinct. I was confident, sincere, and honest about the fact that I was still learning how to be a coach, and as I spoke, I felt grounded and certain that being a coach is something I really want to do. Before this incident, I wondered if I would be embarrassed about my new profession, but now I realize that I am quite proud of it. It fits me to a T, and I am looking forward to being a full time coach some day soon.Today felt very much like I was walking my path, and it felt fantastic.

My friend may not take me up on my offer, but I’m just happy I was self-confidence enough to offer my services. It made me realize that I can do this, and I am excited about this next step in my journey.

Until next time.