Day 342

Know Thyself

Over the past couple weeks almost everything seems to be pointing to this very important truth. I cannot know what I truly want and what I am meant to be if I look outside of myself to find the answers. More importantly, in order to walk my path, I must be the authority on what to do, how to do it, and why. I must be the empress of my own world with no others above or below me. When it comes to my life, I am the expert. Period.

Reclaiming My Path

I am back on my path. I am all in. I write the rules without apology. I will go where ever my path leads me without regret. I take care of myself, put my needs where they belong no more or less important than those with whom I share this life. I listen to that steadfast confident voice that has always had my best interests at heart. I live my life with dignity, compassion, respect, and unconditional love.

Moving Forward

My life’s plan stretches before me brilliant in its simplicity. I will write and publish books about the things that I feel are important. I will create a forum in which people can connect and practice showing unconditional love, compassion, and validation.I will spread my message for as long and as much as I am granted the energy and the time to do so. I will help those who need me to find their own power so that they can realize their dreams and rediscover their life’s purpose. I will shed light in the dark places in my corner of the world. I will dedicate my life to fulfilling my life’s purpose.

When I Falter

Old habits die hard, but I will always move forward. I will remember that I am human and therefore flawed, and that flaws are beautiful and what allow us to shine and shimmer. I will forgive and move forward knowing I have the keys to meet any challenge put before me.

Compassion. Unconditional love. Validation

I will always show compassion. I will offer unconditional love to all for I recognize and appreciate that we are one and everything else is a grand illusion. I dedicate my life to connecting to all and aligning myself with what I know to be true-we are one.

Hoping all is well with you and yours.

Until next time.


Day 196

Love, Compassion, and Validation: A Declaration of My Life’s Purpose


I love. It is as natural and as easy as breathing. I don’t need a reason. Love to me is a life affirming energy that surrounds us. It flows through me and in me. I am uplifted and driven by love.



I recognize and appreciate the divine in all people. I believe that there is greatness in us all. Although we experience life differently, we all have the tools to find lasting peace and happiness. When I see others struggling, I want them to know that they have the power to turn their suffering into something positive. I want them to remember that pain can be an excellent teacher if we are willing to listen, learn, grow, and expand. I will be present with any and all people suffering, and I will wait quietly gently reminding you that pain is not forever and “This too shall pass.”



I believe that everyone matters. Everyone has a place in this vast universe. Our worth does not stem from our intellect, our wealth, or our contribution to human progress. We are worthy because we are; we exist. We are enough.


This is why I am on Earth. I am here to love, to show compassion, and to remind people that they matter.

So, I may not have met you, but I love you. You matter, and I’m happy you are here in this universe with me.